Choose the Length of Socks that Suit You

The length of men's socks is much simpler than that of ladies. Generally speaking, there are four lengths of socks, namely boat socks, short socks, middle socks, and long socks. Socks of different lengths are mainly selected according to your shoe type and TPO (occasion dress).

Boat socks are the shortest of the four lengths of men’s socks. Because of their shortness, boat socks can also be called invisible socks and are hidden in the shoes. Generally, boat socks are matched with canvas shoes, board shoes, and sports shoes. We can also see that many people wear short socks, exposed ankles, and rolled trouser legs. This is also one of the more common ways to wear.

Compared with boat socks, short socks are relatively long, usually near the ankles, and are often matched with sports shoes and sneakers; while mid-socks are longer than the ankles. Generally, you do not choose shoes, but you must match them to suit your style; long socks achieve to the middle of the calf and are usually worn with leather shoes for occasions such as business etiquette.

When choosing the length of socks, many people occasionally choose to wear ankle-length socks that are flush with the ankle, but this method of wearing is not recommended. As for why it is not recommended, you can imagine it. Of course, you can choose socks with a length under the ankle instead. If you want to highlight your personality in color and style through socks, long socks will be more suitable than ankle socks.

What men must pay attention to when wearing socks

Socks are one of the most important details in the overall dress of men. In addition to matching the colors and styles of our body, the personal etiquette of wearing socks is also very important, otherwise, it will leave people with a bad impression.

1)When you are attending some professional occasions, or some other serious and very important occasions, suits and leather shoes are indispensable. At this time, the color of your socks should be dark and monochrome. It is best to use black socks, not to pursue fashion too much.

2)Socks must be washed frequently, and it is best to change the socks every day to prevent a peculiar smell!

3)Although we will see that the colors and patterns of the two socks of some fashionistas are different in many fashion weeks or various street shooting. But if you are not a senior fashionista, don't easily match two random socks together, otherwise, there will be really ugly effects!

In general, regardless of the small proportion of socks in the overall wear of men, they are one of the details that best reflect men’s taste and fashion, and they can show a person’s personality.

Today's fashion is not just about matching clothes, but the choice of details is becoming more and more important. So socks of various colors and styles are popular and become important props to show fashion attitude. Choose suitable socks and beautiful shoes. Matching can add color to your overall look, but choosing the wrong socks can also reduce points for your look.

You have to know that in many cases, it is a detail that you do not pay attention to, which ruins your first impression of others! If you want to be a tasteful fashion man, you must not ignore the details of wearing it!

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