Choose the Color of Your Socks

The color of socks is a very important factor that affects a person's overall image. The color of socks will give people a stronger sense of visual impact than the style and pattern of socks. Therefore, when choosing socks, learning to choose what color socks and how to choose the color socks that really suit your whole body are the skills that men must learn to enhance their image!

1 Same color matching method

When you don't know how to choose the color of your socks or are too lazy to spend your brain cells to consider color matching, you can use the same color matching. Similar color matching is a color matching method that many people often use. Even if you don't have any matching experience, you can try it.

The matching of similar colors is to use the level of brightness of the same color, that is, the contrast of color depth. When using this matching technique, the reference object of the color of the socks is your shoes or pants. The same colors of footwear and socks or similar colors of pants and socks can visually give people a sense of contrast in lightness. It is simple and easy to learn, and it will not go wrong with it.

For example, if you wear red-brown pants, then your choice of socks can be selected from the red-brown series, which can be dark red-brown or light red-brown, which will look more harmonious than your white socks.

2 Up and down echoing a method

Strictly speaking, color echoing is not a color matching method, but the effect of using the color echoing method to match is very brilliant. Whether you are an ordinary amateur with no experience in dressing or a color matching expert, the color echo method is one of the most frequently used color-matching techniques.

Using the color echo method to choose socks is to use the color of any single product on your body as the color of your socks. At this time, the color of your socks echoes the color of this single product. This is the same as when we were taught by teachers when we were young, "The beginning and end of your composition should be echoed."

When you want to wear some brightly colored socks with high saturation, but don't know how to match them, use the echo method to find colors from you. For example, you can keep the color of your socks consistent with the color of your tie or scarf. This will not only make any mistakes but will also be very colorful, which will make you full of aura!

3 Keep the color tone of the overall clothing consistent

This kind of socks color selection technique belongs to the advanced version, but it is a color matching skill that best reflects your color matching skills.

If you want to make good use of this matching skill, you must first know what "tone" means! Tone, to put it simply, is the color feature presented by color, or the color feeling it brings to you.

For example, black gives you a very deep and strong feeling, presenting a deep tone; mint green gives you a light and elegant feeling, presenting a light tone; orange brings you a warm feeling, showing a kind of warm color; blue brings you a very cold feeling, showing a kind of cold color; the positive red brings you gorgeous and clean feeling, presenting a pure tone; gray gives you the feeling of soft and elegant, presenting a soft tone.

The above are the six color characteristics divided according to the brightness, brilliance, and warmth of the color, namely "deep, light, warm, cold, clean, soft".

When your whole body matching feeling is soft and elegant, then the color of your socks should also choose a soft and elegant color so that the overall color of the match is harmonious, and the color of your socks is consistent with the overall clothing tone. When you have learned this skill, then you are not far from a professional clothing coordinator!

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