Choose Sports Socks four guidelines

We need exercise, and sports socks are certainly essential for us. Do you know how to choose suitable and good quality sports socks?

When choosing custom sports socks, we can choose according to the following four guidelines:

1.According to the type of exercise

Sports socks should be made with cotton fabric as far as possible, when running, it is recommended to choose pure cotton socks, the soles of the feet are easy to sweat when running, and pure cotton socks have good characteristics of sweat absorption and air permeability.

The jump of basketball is very strong, the choice of sports socks is best elastic, can protect the ankle, a little bit thicker pure cotton socks. Yoga trainers suggest a choice of soft, anti-slip particles at the bottom, sweat-absorbent cotton socks.

2.According to foot type

Slant flat foot should choose the product that foot grows and heel thickens the design, high back foot should choose the product that instep thickens wear-resisting and high-elastic design, fit and fit is close.

3.Observe appearance and quality

The knitting of sports socks should be clear, high density, smooth, no nodules, broken yarn, wire drawing, leakage of needles, and other problems. The knitting should be fine, the stitching should be smooth and firm, and there should be no residual thread in the contact part of the toe.

4. Pay attention to the thickness

Sports socks are not as thick as they should be. Want to choose thin according to specific circumstance decision or thick, generally speaking, the person that the foot perspires easily, appropriate chooses slightly thick.

Instead, choose a thinner one. Some sports, such as badminton, socks are too thick to affect the feeling of the feet, so buy a bit thin. In addition, if you have an ankle injury, you should wear thick socks, which can stabilize and protect the ankle.

Custom sports socks usually have arch compression in the leg, which are ribbed to improve blood flow in the small legs, relieve muscle soreness, and improve performance.

The sole of the socks is terry, which can absorb sweat and provide comfort. The sock body is dry and has no peculiar smell. The heels and toe of socks will also be thicker to protect the feet better. So, there are a lot of differences between sports socks and regular socks. Professional custom sports socks are more suitable for your sport.

Custom sports socks allow different lengths. You can choose from the following lengths:
1)Ankle sport socks
2)Quarter sport socks
3)Crew sport socks
4) Mid-calf sport socks
5) Knee-high sport socks
If you have special size requirements, you can also send customized detail requirements to us.

According to gender custom socks can be divided into:
1.Custom men’s sport socks,
2.Custom women’s sport socks
3.Custom children's sport socks;

Design &Color of custom sport socks

As for the pattern and sock color, please follow your preferences and play to your imagination.

We have 1000+ available cotton and +1000 nylon yarn in stock to match Pantone colors. Usually, no more than 6 colors in a dress sock per design, and a maximum of 5 colors for athletic sock per design. For customization, please provide Pantone color to us.

Design your own sport sock:Email us your artwork or photo to create your socks. Design formats: PDF/AI/JPG/PNG/PSD/BMP etc format all support

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