Can personal customization be achieved on socks

Personal custom socks can perfectly solve everyone’s pain points. You can choose the color of the pattern and match it with accessories such as clothing and shoes and bags.Solve the problem of consumer matching. We Custom-made socks with the same color pattern according to the color pattern of each garment. Mix and match for perfect results, it can even realize the theme of love, family and other elements.

Same color system principle

This is the most basic way to match, choose socks with the same color as the clothing. And echo with small accessories on the body, such as scarves and bags. But the most important thing is to match the shoes. If there is a decoration or dark lines on the socks, the effect will be better.

Fashion principle

Bright and stylish pattern colors highlight the distinctiveness of socks. The fancy appearance has become another business card for fashion people. Win the eyes of handsome men and beautiful women. As the ultimate single item in the fashion industry,it is absolutely well-deserved. Gorgeous colors and gorgeous patterns show the beauty of personality.

The minimalist principle

Traditional black and white socks, without any logo. Only use materials to win, change once or twice a day to form a unique image, to enhance personal image temperament.

What are the common fabrics for custom men's socks?

Pure cotton: Pure cotton socks are the best choice for daily wear. 100% cotton materials are generally not used to make socks for outdoor activities. Cotton absorbs sweat, and once the fabric is wet, it has no temperature resistance and is uncomfortable, which can cause blisters on the feet.


Silk male socks are rare in the market, but their elegant luster and excellent comfort constitute the characteristics of high-end male socks. The only flaw is that silk is not a strong, hard-wearing material.


In fact, of all natural materials, line has the best air permeability. linen has natural antibacterial and bacteriostatic functions, and its moisture absorption and perspiration are better than cotton and chemical fiber, so it gives people a "dry" and "cool" feeling. However, socks containing more than 55% of linen are rare in China.


Cashmere is a very warm material. It is both breathable and comfortable to wear in the winter, but it will be more complicated to clean and requires a professional wool cleaner.

What are the categories of custom men's socks?

Liner socks: Liner socks are mostly semi-length, with a thin thickness and the lightest weight. They must be worn on the innermost layer closest to the feet. These socks usually have outstanding sweat-wicking and comfort, which can make feet often stay dry; properly sized socks allow the foot to have a proper range of activity.

Lightweight socks for outdoor activities:

Suitable for walking in warm climates, simple trail hiking or outings, and outdoor activities that require a small amount of exercise. These socks are thicker than close-fitting hosiery, have better warmth and are more abrasion resistant, and of course have better cushioning functions; however, because they are still very thin, they are more suitable for warm climate areas. Generally, these socks are made by blending, and the support and comfort are good. They can be worn alone or used in conjunction with close-fitting hosiery.

Medium-weight socks for outdoor activities:

Suitable for use in cold climates, it can provide satisfactory cushioning and barrier properties, and protect the feet from the external temperature. Thickness and warmth are better than lightweight socks. Some brands of socks even increase the thickness of socks in areas with greater impact, such as the heel and forefoot areas, to improve foot comfort. These socks should be worn in conjunction with inner socks.

Mountain climbing socks:

Mountain climbing socks are the thickest fabrics and the best cushioning socks. Their purpose is to meet long-distance travel, cross-country hiking, and various activities in low temperatures conditions. It is too thick to be used in warm climates and easy hiking activities.