Bulk Order Socks, the Magical Use of Socks

Bulk order socks can buy the quantity you want at a preferential price, but you don’t know what else you can do besides wearing a lot of socks on your feet? This article tells you other magical uses of socks.

Protect table legs and chair legs.

Protect table legs and chair legs

The sound of moving tables and chairs is really cruel to the people living downstairs. It doesn't matter, socks will help you solve it. Put socks on the four legs of the table or chair so that there is no noise during the movement. Isn't it great?

Use as a storage bag.

Use as storage bag

Do you have such trouble that your mobile phone is not put on the floor when you run? Now it's solved, put it in the sock. This problem can be solved perfectly by putting the phone as shown in the picture above.

When used as decorations.

Use as decoration

Unexpectedly, socks can also be used as decorations. You can wrap vases or other things in your home with socks, and you can instantly make your home full of sentiment and warmth.

Use as decoration

Solve business travel problems.

Solve business travel problems

It is a difficult problem to go out for travel and storage. For example, one's own perfume bottles and cosmetic bottles can easily bump into each other. Now you can do this, putting them in the socks, you can solve this problem perfectly. No longer have to worry that the perfume will break, or that your shoes will stain your clothes.

Protect shoes

Make dust rags.

Do dust rags

Put the socks on your hands, dip a little water or furniture polish, and wipe them everywhere! You can wipe furniture, window sills, computer screens, spilled liquid on the floor, handles, and blinds with socks.

Make a long-handled cleaning brush and wipe the areas out of your reach.

Make a long-handled cleaning brush

Take a ruler (the longer the better), put the sock on one end, and fix it with a rubber band or staples. You can use it to clean under the stove, under the refrigerator, and in other hard-to-reach places. Socks will stick to a lot of soft hair and dust, but they are easy to clean.

Be a sock doll.

Make a sock doll

You can also make a sock monkey or a sock doll. Put beans or rice in the socks. Glue or sew the opening. Put on the eyes, nose, and mouth. Cut the other sock into strips and sew on it as hair.

Used when moving.

Use when moving

Put precious glasses or gadgets into the soles of the socks, and wrap the extra parts underneath. This will better protect the glass. Put a label on the outside to remind yourself what's inside. Put the socks in the moving box or the drawer of the dressing table.



Children's socks are very suitable for making hair loops. Just cut the sock to form a ring. One sock can be cut into several hair loops. When the hair is tied for the first time, the hair loop will automatically curl up, making it impossible to see that it was originally a sock.

Keep your pet's paws warm.

Keep your pet's paws warm

The sick pet feels cold? Don't worry, you can keep it warm by covering your paws with socks. If you are a wildlife rehabilitation worker, socks can also be used as a temporary nursery bag to protect baby animals that are temporarily under your care, such as wallabies, bats, or opossums. As long as animals like to snuggle in a soft, warm, and elastic place, they will definitely like socks too. You can hang up tough woolen socks to simulate an animal mother’s nursery bag.

Seeing the magical effect of these 10 socks above, do you have a new view on bulk order socks? Bulk order socks can not only buy the socks you want at an affordable price, but the socks that can’t be worn can also be used as other tools. If you want bulk order socks, you can contact YINUO KNITTING, a merchant that specializes in customizing socks and can wholesale socks. The quality is guaranteed and the price is cheap.