Bubble Socks Matched with Different Shoes

With the popularity of bubble socks, girls wear different styles and fashions, they can wear bubble socks with a high face value at any time, showing that the practicality of bubble socks is very good. However, it is not easy for lazy people to easily match. Below is a selection of popular and high-value combinations for girls.

Bubble socks mainly play the role of rich layers and rich colors in matching. In addition, for people with thicker calves, this is a weapon to cover the shortcomings. And the bubble socks are suitable for alternating cold and hot weather. When it is hot, they can be piled down and worn, and when it is cold, pull them on.

Bubble socks can be used with a variety of shoes, but for our daily collocation, it is better to be low-key. The more conservative four sets are enough. Generally, they are used as auxiliary embellishments. It is best to use the same color as the color of an object on the body. This will not be too abrupt.

1.Printed socks + loafers

The white shoes in summer may get tired. In the winter, you may wear loafers. If you feel a bit cold, it is also very fashionable to wear a pair of printed long socks. Before, it was more popular to wear fishnet socks, and the more controllable way of wearing is the wearing of loafers with fishnet socks, and the retro is also a little sexy.

The simple colors are low-key and special. The combination of college style, wine red, and dark gray colors, looks lovely and sweet, full of youthful vitality. Coupled with the reason that the dark color is thin, the calf has become a lot of slender visually!

2.Snowflake wool socks + sneakers

The snow socks of the Japanese-style Mori girl are a little dull, but its dullness happens to match the energetic sneakers. Vibrant sports shoes and snowflake socks play a balancing role. Snow socks can also be used as a good single item, and they can also be used as daily accessories to play a more attractive role.

Snowflake bubble socks paired with NB sneakers, you can think of the typical Japanese dress, full of Hong Kong style. Bright sneakers and dark ones also have different charms.

3.Solid color wool socks + Martin boots

Solid color bubble socks have always been very popular, especially with vintage Martin boots, youthful and beautiful and full of fashion charm. The calm color, with a retro elegant temperament, shows the charming and generous charm, the visual appeal is very strong, with a slightly retro tone, it is very casual and versatile.

Everyone basically has a pair of handsome brown Martins, but what they want to wear is different. In addition to carefully selecting shoes, they can also be embellished with a pair of solid-color bubble socks. With bubble socks, whether it is a skirt or cropped pants in the cool season, you can have both style and temperature.

4.Striped socks + canvas shoes

Striped socks have a superb age-reducing effect, so you don’t need a complete sports style to match them. Whether it is college style, European and American style, or fast fashion Korean style, it can be easily combined by it. Take out your little white shoes, don't be afraid to layer and match, to create your exclusive sense of hierarchy.

The age-reduced striped long-socks are paired with evergreen canvas shoes, and the deeper colors are full of fashionable style of street shooting, and the deeper colors can easily achieve the element style. For canvas shoes, it is best to choose a solid color, so as to avoid dazzling the complex shape and ruining the overall shape.

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