Boys Shoes and Socks with Tips

Wearing shoes without socks, generous and honest? I believe this sentence is now out of date. Boys to wear a good suit to wear, in fact, the choice of socks and match is not negligible. Think about it: if you wear the hottest sneakers of the season with a pair of socks that are yellow or poorly matched, your entire look will be compromised, so don't overlook the importance of socks. Today we will introduce some of the most common socks for boys to wear, boys hurry up to learn!

1.Little socks + sneakers + shorts pants

Little socks are referred to the length to the ankle socks, many sports brands or popular logo has launched the logo little socks, this little socks most fit together with sneakers and shorts, is a common boy took to the streets in choice, little socks low-key not upstage off the shoe, can show socks brand is damp, deserve to go up again the shorts is absolutely first-class supplement in summer!

2.Patterned stockings + British shoes + trousers (rolled leg)

If we would like to attend some grand occasions, smart causal socks would be definitely the boys' first choice. Pattern stockings can be ethnic style, polka dots or stripes, which will not look monotonous and can show your personal taste, but be careful not to show your calves and pay attention to the color of the socks, because the wrong outfit will turn you into Ronald McDonald!

3.Korean stockings + wave shoes + trousers (rolled trouser legs)

In recent years has been to South Korea's friends should pay attention to the all-around can buy this kind of Korean socks, however, this kind of socks is very popular in Korea, now the Korea port, whether in the summer, winter or different occasions boy also can consider choosing this sedate socks, dress up even decent, also won't feel boring, and the vision will give people a feeling of slender legs.

4.Skateboard stockings + flats + shorts

Maybe a lot of people like the socks or ship socks to go, but it is very popular in foreign this skateboard wear stockings from initial this outfit is a skateboard player's favorite clothes, then slowly, now a lot of popular logos has launched skateboard stockings, and more and more popular with young people, now also is not hard to see in the street that wears a look of the boys.

5.Stockings + slippers/sandals + shorts

Mentioned above is now more and more people took to the streets with stockings, stockings in fact besides can supplement sneakers, in recent years, a lot of boys will choose slippers/sandals for wear, but also some people think this supplement, stockings, and slippers and socks are old-fashioned, but some people think this is a trendy outfit, the boys don't know this a match out of your mind?

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