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Yinuo Knitting best custom sock company. They are a creative team that can provide your team with the perfect customized socks through an easy-to-use website. They have everything you need. They can customize a pair of socks or thousands of socks. Customers can get help from students, small businesses, fundraisers, etc.!

Yinuo Knitting purchases and uses high-quality yarns, production arrangements, quality control, and the entire process of delivery. As a custom socks factory, we control every production process and ensure that every pair of socks is what you expect, always putting customers first! Trusted by hundreds of bulk buyers and distributors.

Why do you need custom socks?

Why do you need custom socks? Everyone needs socks. Socks are always needed in every wardrobe, and old socks are thrown away every day. Therefore, people are buying socks every day. But when your socks are carefully designed and customized, they will not be ignored. At this time, the brand on the socks will play the biggest role in publicity.

Is it complicated to customize socks?

Is it complicated to customize socks? It's not complicated. In our process, we have considered all issues, you can order customized socks in one stop. The socks are inexpensive and are not easily damaged or deteriorated during transportation.

The company's developed business

Knitted technical socks

Knitting technology is the most common socks production technology. Different colors of yarn are knitted on a sock at different intervals to form a pattern in this way. Although there are many restrictions on knitted socks (up to 8 colors, the pattern cannot be too dense), people like it, but sometimes the pattern of knitted socks can also be called a work of art.

Printed socks

Printed socks are more fashionable and are the choice of many customers. You can customize the pattern you want when customizing socks, and the production process of printed socks is very fast.

Any size socks can be customized

Our factory technology is mature enough to produce all sizes of socks, without showing feet, ankles, crew, and knees. Even for some unique socks size styles, no cuffs, no toes, no heels, no insteps, or just toe socks, we all have experience in producing these strange socks, and no size can limit you.

Do you need other socks styles?

With any bold imagination, we can make it into socks! Check out all our custom socks options on our custom socks introduction page.

Custom order process

Now get started to make your custom socks by step.

STEP1:Submit Information Email us the description or photo of your socks.
STEP2:Quote We will give you the quotation within 24 hours.
STEP3:Place Order Email us the final design and provide the detailed requirements.
STEP4:Mockup Approval and Pay You will receive an official PI and mock-up for approval to make payment.
STEP5:Production Once you place an order, our production department will take every pair of your socks seriously.
STEP6:Shipping Have your custom socks delivered anywhere in the world in 2-5 days by DHL/FedEx/UPS.