Basic Introduction to Basketball Socks

Basketball socks are divided into the high waist and low waist. The use of long socks on the basketball court is completely different from that on the football field: football players always that the socks up to the knee, this is to fix the shield of the calf's head-to-face bones, and although basketball socks also have the effect of tightening the calf muscles, their degree of sports protection is far less massive than football socks.

It can also be said that the psychological factors of the socks on the basketball court are greater than the physical factors. Many players believe that the calf is more likely to be more powerful after being tightly wrapped. In fact, this effect is minimal and almost negligible.

How to buy basketball socks?

In people's daily life, there are many kinds of activities and entertainment methods, and among them, the youth's favorite is the sport of basketball. For the friends who love to play basketball, not only need a good pair of shoes but also need a pair of powerful basketball socks to let them show their skills on the basketball court, so today let us see how to buy basketball socks.

1. When buying basketball socks, you need to pay attention to the detailed design of the basketball socks, pay attention to whether the sock's terry is thickened to achieve wear resistance.
2. Pay attention to the anti-skid and shock-absorbing effects of basketball socks, such as breathable fabrics, thickened terry at the bottom, and do not bruise your feet. It can also play a cushioning effect during exercise.
3. Pay attention to the heel design of basketball socks, such as the three-dimensional heel 360-degree ring design, which will not cause pressure on the blood circulation of the feet, and protect the safety of the user's feet.
4. Pay attention to the lengthening treatment of basketball socks. For example, the lengthened sports basketball socks can have better elasticity, better contractibility, and better effect of sweat absorption and moisture removal. Pay attention to whether it is finely stitched.
5. Pay attention to the versatility of basketball socks, such as ventilating the foot surface, pressurizing the bottom girdle, cushioning, and ankle strap protection.
6. Need to pay attention to the specifications of basketball socks, such as the choice of fabric, whether the size is partial, the mesh ventilation, the design of the protection strip, etc.
7. There are many types and colors of basketball socks. When we buy, we should choose according to our personal wearing habits and the style and color of clothing, so as to achieve a beautiful and fashionable effect.

Difference between football socks and basketball socks

1. The length is different: the football socks are longer, the general basketball socks are shorter (there are also high waist basketball socks). General football socks can reach above the knee, and basketball socks can reach the calf.
2. The wear is different: basketball socks are usually worn alone, and football socks need to work together with the leg guards.
3. The functions are different: basketball socks are to prevent blisters; football socks are for the knees and below parts, wearing ball socks makes the muscles of the legs tight and more concentrated.
4. The restrictions on use on the court are different: there are no requirements for the use of basketball socks in the game. The color of the socks of the two teams of football socks on the field is generally different, so the players can more easily distinguish their opponents in the melee and the referee can distinguish the legs of the players of the two teams and improve the accuracy of the penalty.

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