Basic Introduction to Baseball Socks

The sock pedal together with the helmet (protective cap), the protective cover (face mask), the chest protector, the leg protector, and the crotch protector are baseball sportswear. The sock pedal is to protect the calf of the player, to prevent the calf from being scratched or kicked by the attacking player when sliding or defending. In the regulations of professional competitions, it is not a suggestion for players to wear socks and kicks, but a rigid regulation.

Socks can effectively protect the athlete's calf and prevent muscle strain to a certain extent. The trouser legs can be tied up to prevent the trouser legs from hindering movement. Wearing a sock pedal also has a beautiful effect.

Later, sock pedals were even gradually given a fashionable, personalized color.

Sock pedal is a tradition retained by baseball. In the early development of American baseball, the dyeing technique for clothing was not high. Because dyed fabrics are harmful to the human body, there is a tradition of wearing white socks inside and sock pedals outside.

Significance of Baseball Socks

The amount of baseball training is very large, the socks are easily worn out, and the long socks are expensive, after the internal socks are worn out, you can change the short socks, but the sock pedals are not worn out. Low-cut sock pedals are closer to the ankles, and the straps of the pedals are shorter. It is not easy to see that they are sock pedals. The type of socks pedals of Japanese high school students is high cut. The straps of the pedals are very long and they are obvious. Wearing socks has become a very common method among baseball players.

High-cut sock pedals will show legs when wearing short socks. Some people say that the baseball socks worn by professional baseball players are ultra-low (even covering the heels). It looks like there are only colored long socks. Like football socks, socks and sock pedals are integrated. Players wearing straight pants also wear sock pedals. In professional baseball games, sock pedals are mandatory.

Baseball is similar to football, and it is a relatively intense sport. During the game, more dangerous moves such as sliding and slamming will occur. The attacking team usually wears spiked shoes. For the purpose of reducing the danger level of the game, the material of the shoe spikes used in juvenile baseball is usually plastic. The professional baseball player wears metal spikes. So from the baseman's point of view, if the sliding is not done well, it will become a "spike kick" attack. At this time, the sock pedal has an extremely important role.

The catcher is even more unlucky, facing a pitcher with a ball speed of up to 150 kilometers in front. There is a beater with an infinite attack power holding a stick. On the left, there is a third base runner who stares at himself like a hungry tiger. Although the pitcher is on his own side (in various senses), the pitcher's out-of-control pitching (bump shot) may hit any part of the catcher, and the ball can be directly hit on the catcher's head after passing the bat, and the third base runner's fierce sliding and even can kick the catcher out of the catcher area with one foot.

This is why, despite being equipped with helmets, masks, chest protectors, leg protectors, and crotch protectors, catchers are still the most vulnerable players on the field. After reading the above part, you may have an impression that baseball is a dangerous sport. In fact, baseball is not that dangerous. In the 170 years since baseball was born, countless predecessors have summarized perfect rules and common sense for us. As long as you follow the rules and protect yourself, baseball is still happy. Sock pedal is one of the protective measures.

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