Basic Introduction of Sports Socks

Nylon is usually added to sports socks, which have good wear resistance and rank first among all fibers. Its wear resistance is 10 times that of cotton fiber, 10 times that of dry viscose fiber, and 140 times that of wet fiber. Therefore, its durability is excellent. And has good resistance to decay and corrosion.

Sports can bring joy to people, but some sports enthusiasts do not care about the dress, especially socks are always not given due attention, socks have always served as a foil, people have long believed that mainly rely on shoes to protect your feet, but be aware that socks are the closest to your feet. If you choose the wrong socks, shoes will cause direct damage to your feet.

The main material of sports socks

After understanding the importance of sports socks and choosing different sports socks for different sports, before buying, understand the material composition of sports socks. Different materials will solve different problems. You must choose the one that suits you. In addition to conventional textures such as cotton, spandex, and Lycra, sports socks introduce several kinds of fabrics with special functions.


When used as a sock material, COOLMAX and THERMOLITE mainly use short fibers, the same polyester fiber, and the same structure is hollow.

THERMOLITE is a special thermal fiber, THERMOLITE is a patented fiber product of DuPont. According to reports, THERMOLITE was inspired by the fur structure of polar bears. Its cross-section is round and the middle is empty, like a tube, which can improve the bulkiness of the fiber and achieve warmth. The effect is similar to the warming principle of down.

COOLMAX is also a patented fiber product of DuPont in the United States. It is also called four-pipe-shaped polyester fiber in textiles. Ordinary fiber cross-sections are mostly solid circular or elliptical, and COOLMAX fibers are hollow, with a cross-section of ten sub-types, just like four tubes juxtaposed together.

This structure increases the contact area between the fiber and the air and also ensures a lot of gaps between the fabrics. In this way, the fiber of COOLMAX is guaranteed to have strong hygroscopicity and moisture removal. It is mixed with COOLMAX fiber, the fabric has good breathability. It should be noted that COOLMAX is a functional fiber that absorbs moisture, guides sweat, and breathes. It is not a thermal fiber. It is just a warm environment that keeps moisture out and keeps it as dry as possible.


Some ingredient labels are also called nylon, which is specially strengthened in outdoor sports socks. Easy to wash and dry, strong and durable, and good elasticity. The addition of nylon can extend the life of socks and is not easy to damage.


In fact, the patented technology developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) research project in the late 1970s and early 1980s was developed by NASA for the moon landing program, and the purpose is to make moon landing clothing for astronauts Gloves, socks, underwear, etc., later developed into ordinary clothing, especially outdoor clothing, including ski shirts, pants, sweaters, etc.

The key of Outlast fiber technology is to use microcapsules to wrap heat-sensitive phase change materials, which have the function of absorbing storage and releasing heat in the form of latent heat. In the temperature change, it can transform between solid and liquid to achieve heat absorption and heat release. The microcapsule heat-sensitive phase change material in Outlast fiber is hydrocarbon wax (HYDROCARBONWAX), which can respond to changes in the external environment temperature on the skin and buffer the temperature changes.

The effect of this fabric in sports socks is to keep warm, reduce sweating, not easy to deform and adapt to the wearer's need for heat.

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