Basic Information of Bubble Socks

Bubble socks (also named loose socks) are popular socks for high school and junior high school girls in Japan. It is named because it wears loose on its feet and looks like it is falling off but not falling off.

Bubble socks brief history

Bubble socks are a kind of woolen socks that are slightly longer and thicker than ordinary socks. It is usually worn with black leather shoes and school uniforms for girls. It originally originated in boot socks that were manufactured in the United States to protect legs during mountain climbing. This kind of socks had a good warming effect, and at that time it was imported into Japan from the United States in large quantities and became popular. In the 1990s, parts of Japan, such as Sendai and Mito, adopted the boot socks as part of high school girls' uniforms (sailor uniforms) after they transformed them. It soon became popular in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, and then the trend spread throughout Japan and was adopted as a must-have item for school uniforms by most high schools. Another reason is that girls cover their thick legs and make the legs (especially the calves) look thinner when the socks are loose. Since then, it has become popular among Japanese junior high school girls as a part of junior high school girls' school uniforms. Because bubble socks are only popular for middle school girls aged 12 to 18, it sometimes even becomes a symbol of high school and junior high school girls.

In addition, bubble socks appeared in Japan's photo industry and pornography and became a type of dress for heroines, that is, young girls in sailor suits and bubble socks.

In Japan, bubble socks are a variant of student uniforms, which has become common practice for a long time. The bubble socks were originally worn by high school girls, and later girls in Taiwan strove to imitate them, trying to make themselves look more like mature high school girls. Bubble socks are usually suitable for young girls.

How to dress bubble socks

The bubble socks introduced into Japan are not like the loose style, but thick and loose. For those who want to wear a loose style, they loosened the socks themselves.
Bubble socks are almost always white, although there are also black and navy styles. Generally speaking, bubble socks are bigger than ordinary socks. The length of the bubble socks is generally below the knee, and it is fixed on the feet with two things: "sock glue" and "socks sticker" (the latter is a product of Hakugen). Bubble socks are often worn with short skirts and Mary Jane high heels or buckleless slippers.

Bubble socks appearance and popularity

Since the early 1990s, Japanese high school girls have become popular in shortening skirts. In the mid-1990s, they wore imported hiking boot socks to show their legs (or just to keep out the cold). This climbing sock is produced by America's E.G. Smith and other sock manufacturers.

There are two statements about the origin of bubble socks. One said it was Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture, and some said it was Mito City in Ibaraki Prefecture. But both versions believe that the female students are wearing loose socks to keep out the cold. Some people think that the popularity of bubble socks is because this kind of socks can make the legs look thinner. Since then, bubble socks have begun to hot sell, and popular in major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, and even Japan. Bubble socks quickly gained popularity among the public, especially high school girls.

Bubble socks were the most popular from 1996 to 1998. Therefore, many deformed styles appeared at the time, and even two-meter-long socks. The main ethnic group dressed in these deformed styles is Barbecue Girls. Some schools prohibit students from wearing bubble socks to the school, so some students simply wear them outside the school. The school's ban on bubble socks has attracted public attention through media reports, making people think that bubble socks are a cultural symbol of high school female students.

After 1997, bubble socks slowly began to retreat. Since about 2000, regular navy knee socks have become relatively popular. But bubble socks are still very popular among high school girls, especially in the more urbanized areas of Japan (eg Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto).

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