Baseball Socks History and Development

History of Baseball Socks

Leggings are one of the important components of the uniforms of the Red Army soldiers, and they can play a role in improving defense after equipped. Some people say that when football, baseball, rugby, and other sports were just born, athletes were playing with leggings. It's just that the leggings used by European and American countries are not the same as Asian countries. They are not cloth strips but are made of a whole piece of leather or canvas. (Interested students can search for pictures of allied leggings during World War II). There are few pictures of baseball leggings, probably because photography was invented in 1839, and modern baseball sports were probably born in the 1840s. Later, woolen sock pedals appeared. This is what we can see in many paintings and photos later.

In the early 20th century, baseball sock pedaling became a tradition. After the end of the two world wars in the 20th century, with the development of science, various new fibers and materials were used in sports goods. Immediately after that, chemical fibers and composite fibers with comfort, perspiration, and strength superior to cotton and wool appeared. Here, football and rugby are separated from baseball, and sock pedals and socks are integrated. The baseball retains the separate design of sock pedals and socks. (The historical reason is unknown, it may be a traditional problem left over by history.)

The development of baseball socks

With the development of the times, sock pedals have also spawned many types and developments. Such as Extra low cut, Low cut, Regular cut, Pro series.
Later, sock pedals were even gradually given a fashionable, personalized color. As for the meaning of "fashion", it is not at all that the more beautiful the design you think, but the American MLB (Major League) leads the way of wearing socks.
In the 1970s and 1980s, everyone wore sock pedals on the outside, but in the late 1980s, somehow they started to wear sock pedals on the inside. The specific reason is unknown, probably it is too much trouble. Later, the more pants were designed longer, even extended into the sneakers. There was no trace of socks. Japanese professional baseball players always look at the US, immediately began to imitate MLB and put their socks in their pants.
But since then, many players have regained the traditional way of wearing, such as Yang is one of them. There are still many people who always insist on wearing outside. In addition, young baseball players and high school baseball players have always insisted on wearing socks outside.
Generally speaking, the design of the sock pedals is the color of the team, such as white stripes, or it is only composed of the symbolic color of the team. The symbolic color of the team is usually the color of the lining, so the color of the lining is usually the same as the sock pedal.

Baseball socks Wearing method

1. Put on the socks and sock pedals before putting on the pants.
2. Turn the pants over and place them inside out and "zipper" up.
3. Extend your legs into the trousers (the opposite of wearing pants normally). Put the trousers legs under the knees, almost flush with the socks and sock pedals, and fix the trousers with elastic bands underneath.
4. Turn down the socks and sock pedals over the elastic band.
5. Lift pants, tie belts, and wear shoes. carry out.
You can wear it in this way without worrying about the legs falling out during the game.

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