Baby Socks Dressing and Washing Tips

The necessity of putting socks on the baby

The baby is in a period of continuous growth and development, and various organs and systems are immature, so is the body temperature regulation function. Keep warm and avoid catching a cold.

In addition, with the increase of age, the range of activities of babies expands, especially the increase in lower extremity activities. There are more opportunities for pedaling, and there are more opportunities for skin and toe damage. Wearing socks can reduce the occurrence of these injuries.

On the other hand, the range of activities is large, the baby's skin is exposed to the outside environment more, and some dirty things, such as dust, thread, and other harmful substances in the bacteria, can invade the baby through the baby's delicate skin, increase the chance of infection, put on socks to keep the skin clean and hygienic. So there are many benefits to wearing socks.

Misunderstanding of wearing socks for babies

1. Wear new socks directly: Young parents should not ignore the lightness of the inner surface of the socks. Turn over the socks you bought and cut off all the thread inside to prevent the thread from wrapping around babies' toes and causing ischemia or even necrosis.
2. Babies who can't walk do not need to wear socks: little babies don't wear socks, their feet are prone to cold. It is also easy to damage the small feet because of the unsteady movement of the small feet. Wearing socks can reduce injuries and prevent mosquito bites.
3. In summer, babies do not need to wear socks: In the hot summer months, the air conditioner is turned on indoors. Babies like to walk barefoot on the floor. It is easy to catch a cold without wearing socks. In addition, let the baby bare feet, if not properly protected, it is easy to make small feet Injured.

How to choose the right size socks for a baby online?

Before choosing online shopping, it is best to measure the size of the baby's foot bottom, because the actual length of the foot bottom is the most reliable: the plus or minus one centimeter of the actual length of the foot bottom is an absolute safe range. For example, for a baby with a length of 10cm, choose 9-11cm socks are absolutely no problem, if the baby is particularly fat, increase the size appropriately. And the baby is constantly growing, so when buying socks, you should choose rather be big than small. If you buy a pair of big socks, you can wait for the baby to grow up and then wear them to him (her). If you buy small socks, you will waste them.

Baby cotton socks washing skills

Soak in warm water and washing powder, then add a little bit of water. Some socks are very odorous and cannot be washed off even with detergent. In fact, when washing socks with some vinegar, you can completely remove the odor of the socks, and it also has a bactericidal effect.

In order not to make the socks lose their elasticity, they can also be washed with a washing machine. First, tie the rubber band over the top of the sock, this method will not cause the sock to lose its elasticity. In addition, remember to keep the socks head up when drying.

Under normal circumstances, it is best to wash the socks separately, and it is best to use hand washing, which is more thorough.

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