Autumn Girl Socks Matching Look

Summer hot, generally wear sandals slippers will not think of wearing socks, but after the fall, sandals are fast worn tired of the rhythm, a lot of girls have prepared the autumn single shoes and sneakers. And the sheet that cannot leave with them these shoes is socks, no matter be basic color socks or fancy socks, want collocation to get well only, can lead to winning, become the window that absorbs eyeball of the whole modeling. Knowing the importance of socks, how do socks match shoes?

LOOK 1: Doll collar plaid dress + lace one-shoulder bag + white socks + brown vintage leather shoes

What socks wear what dress collocation, this is really good, likes to wear a girl walk wind, doll plaid skirt is a good choice, same size grid elements belong to the classic case grain, it is not easy to outdated, or red hager son tired of wearing black and white grid, occasionally switch to blue and red plaid, looks very different, also can wear a street up the eyes in effect.

Floret edge gets tie-in black bowknot, promote the lovely feeling of the little girl immediately. The plaid dress itself gives people a kind of flavor of retro literature and art. Matching retro patent leather shoes equally, can strengthen this retro style, while socks can be simple. White socks can make the presence of leather shoes on the feet stronger.

LOOK 2: White slim halter skirt + sky blue cardigan + white stockings + Daddy shoes

The skirt with shoulder-straps of cultivating one's morality generally girl didn't dare to wear out, the key is the sexy index is too high if after the switch to the pure white body can be a lot less concern, pure white itself is the first love is tonal, as long as it is to wear on the whole person is relaxed, the weakening of tight shape effect.

The heart ornament in the middle is very bright, matching with the light blue cardigan so that the whole person's figure ratio is particularly good. This time, the girl did not wear regular cotton socks. Instead, she chose medium tube socks that were slightly through and paired with white dad shoes. The color of the shoes and socks is consistent, so it does not look abrupt. Instead, it makes your legs look longer.

LOOK 3: Square collar lace patchwork little white skirt + torn stockings + lace-up Martin boots + printed backpacks

When wearing a skirt, if the style is determined, the natural choice of color is black and white gray these basic colors are the least likely to go wrong, you can easily wear your own personality. If you want to wear a little white skirt, you can add splicing ingredients. The mesh lace splicing of the skirt enriches the styling of the whole skirt, and the micro transparent design it achieves can also give people a kind of looming sense.

The net hemline skirt can also echo the square neckline, with a kind of retro with a sweet style, which becomes the highlight of the whole dress. The little white skirt that looks clever pure beauty, tie-in hole micro passes socks, the collision of two kinds of different styles can say to walk on the street can earn enough eyeball of a passerby in a minute. Match a pair of bright leather Martin boots, add British air sense, fashionable and high.

LOOK 4: Red round collar T-shirt + white irregular skirt + lacing black socks + dad shoes

If you look closely, you will find that this year this kind of lacing socks are particularly popular, it is in the original ordinary black socks into two straps, can be free to wrap around the legs, the shape is changeable, can let oneself wantonly shape. Of course, this kind of bandage in the winding process is also easy to expose the shortcomings of the legs, legs thick sister is not suitable for wearing this kind of socks.

The girl has slim legs and a natural transition from thigh to calf, so it's perfectly fine. With a pair of white sneakers, it's easy to go wrong with black and white. She chose the red and white color match in the dress. The white skirt and white shoes echo each other, while the red T-shirt and black socks are also classic red and black matching. The color seems to be conspicuous but looks unexpected harmony.

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