Absorb sweat breathe freely -Cycling socks

In our bicycle travel, the importance of the feet is needless to say, and the socks that directly contact the feet are more particular. Not all socks are suitable for long-distance riding. If you want to protect your feet during a long trip and suffer less from bumps, you should choose to customize special riding sock instead of the usual cotton socks or ordinary sports socks .

Why wear cycling socks?

Scientific studies show that the temperature of the human brain and body needs to be maintained at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius), which requires that excess heat must be discharged from the body. As the amount of exercise increases, more heat is generated in the body wicks away sweat. The first thing you need to cool down is evaporation. Therefore, clothes(including socks) must have good sweat absorption properties to keep the skin dry and comfortable. Therefore, a qualified cycling socks is required to keep the soles of the feet dry and comfortable at any temperature.

In addition, the inner layer of cycling socks requires yarns that absorb moisture and sweat, and the outer layer uses waterproof, breathable and wear-resistant yarns, which are layer-by-layer protection to remove wet feet. High-performance cycling socks will prevent the human foot from being too cold or overheating, and promote the normal temperature regulation function of the foot bottom. In different climatic conditions, it help to balance body temperature and cleverly uses perspiration to create a “microclimate” that makes skin feel comfortable.

What materials are used for cycling socks?

Usually, when we choose cycling socks, we will pay attention to its material. The yarns used in ordinary riding socks are generally polyester and nylon. CooImax fabric in polyester has excellent moisture absorption and perspiration performance, and can keep the feet dry during riding. The performance of nylon in abrasion resistance and flexibility is also outstanding.

Of course, in order to increase the function of socks, different manufacturers will also add yarns of different materials. For example, in winter, riding socks with increased cotton yarns will be introduced.

Can cotton sports socks adapt to cycling travel?

When riding a bicycle, if you wear pure cotton sports socks, its thermal insulation performance is higher, and it is often used in winter cycling products, and it is not recommended for summer cycling.

Therefore, riding socks are not as thick as possible. The key to evaluating the quality of a pair of riding socks is not the thickness, but the comfort during riding. The comfort of a pair of riding socks is usually reflected in: keeping the feet dry, not slipping, high degree of sticking feet, and strong wrapping.

What are the precautions for cleaning and maintenance of socks after riding?

First, we can't use bleach; we can't use a dryer to bake socks; we can't use an iron to iron; we don't use dry cleaning. When washing riding socks, the normal temperature of the washing water should be kept at about 30 ℃. Secondly, the wool riding socks used in winter must be turned over during washing, and it is best to use a laundry bag to clean.

In addition, when wearing riding socks, keep away from sharp objects to avoid damage to the socks. In the wild environment, pay attention to objects that easily scratch the socks, such as branches and pricks.

Through the above brief introduction, I believe that you already have a certain understanding of cycling socks, and will choose or customize a pair of cycling socks that you like and suitable. Actually, it is not just bicycle exercise, other sports activities also have high requirements for the comfort of socks, every action will act on a certain force point of the body, so in order to avoid injury, the joint points that are easily injured by the body must be protected, and it is important to choose and customize fit socks.