A story of Chair in socks

At that time, he was a rural elementary school teacher. In the cold room, there was no heating, only a small and broken honeycomb coal stove. He often corrects homework for students late at night, and his feet were numb.

At that time, she was farming in the countryside and felt distressed for her husband, so knitted personalized socks stitch by stitch. When he returned, she held his feet in her arms and warmed them. He said, smelly. She said no.

They were still young, not more than 30 years old, the hardships of life were shone by the warmth of love, so they didn't feel much pain.

The socks he wore were all hand-knitted by her, because the cheap custom socks he bought were too thin to resist frost at all. With her knitted personalized socks, his frostbite slowly got better and his feet no longer froze.

Later, they moved to the city, and he became a national civil servant. She followed to the city and worked as a cleaner. Every day at 4 o'clock, she went to sweep the street. He said, "Follow me, I didn't let you live a good life”; and she said ,”Good days come later."

But good days have not come

One day, she got up too early in the morning and bumped the car when she went out to sweep the street. She was hit into dementia. Basically, she doesn't know anyone, and she only knows to eat and drink silly every day. He hugged her, called her name, and she smiled sillyly, unable to recognize him at all.

She was always worried that the gas at home was not turned off. She always ran to the kitchen to turn off the gas, obviously its turned off, but she wants to turn on. He had to follow her step by step, and he turned it off when she turned on.

She was constantly doing another thing; she had been knitting socks, constantly knitting, all kinds of socks of all colors. Not only weaved the socks, She also puts socks on the chair legs, and called his name as she wore it. Come, wear socks, and it wouldn't be cold.

She wears it, he takes it off. Repeated for 20 years.

20 years, yes, 20 full years.

The legs of the chair through the socks have been smoothed.

Their son stayed abroad after graduating from college. She was still knitting socks and he was still taking off socks.

Everyone knows that their chair is wearing socks. Sometimes she goes out and someone jokes with her, “puts on the chair again?” She smiled sillyly, “wear it, it would not be cold.”

At this moment, their hair was white. 60 years old, the family is still poor, he took her hand for a walk, he sang a song that he sang to her when she was young, she looked at him like a baby, smiled “xixi”, but she held his hand tightly.

She left quietly.

He pulled out the key and opened the door, and saw she lying quietly on the sofa with an unfinished sock in her hand. After burying she, he often stays alone for a long time and sorts out these 20 years of socks. He always took off the socks for the chair, never put the chair through the socks. In a day’s afternoon, he took out two pairs of socks and then bent down to put on the chair.

It’s very difficult to wear. He has to turn the chair over first, and then puts it in one by one. He has to flatten the socks like what she usually does. And says something in the mouth, calls his name, come, come, don't freeze your feet in socks.

He burst into tears.

Facing those chairs wearing socks, he knew that the person who loved him had died, and in the past 20 years, he was not bored and took off those socks every day; he also knew that the 20 years of wearing and taking off was his and her love, unforgettable, never forget.