A Little Knowledge of Girls’ Socks

As the saying goes: the love of beauty is universal. Many of us pay attention to the matching of clothes, trousers, and shoes, but it is easy to overlook the importance of socks. People used to think that one-half of their socks were hidden in their shoes and the other half was hidden in their pants, so it was no use wearing the best socks. But now socks are no less fashionable than clothes. The socks with different colors, patterns, and textures match properly, which can make you become a fashion icon in an instant. So how do beautiful and fashionable girls choose their socks? How does it go with shoes and clothes? Now let's take a look!

Type and material characteristics of girls' socks

The kind of girl socks is to have a lot of, have what advantage to material each, give everybody below introduction.

Wool fabric

Wool is a popular natural fiber among the various materials used in socks. Wearing socks made of wool feels warm and cushioned, keeping the fabric warm even when it's wet. But the disadvantage of wool is not easy to dry, and it can also cause an itchy sensation on some people's skin. Some new wool materials have to rule out the itching this shortcoming; wear out more easily than other fabric material. Most wool socks are made with synthetic fibers, which have eliminated some of the above disadvantages.

Artificial insulation fabric

The artificial fabric is similar to wool in warmth but feels softer and more comfortable to the skin. More natural fabrics dry faster and resist wear and tear.

Silk fabric

Silk is a naturally insulating material that feels comfortable and lightweight. However, it is not wear-resistant, so it is usually used to blend with other fabrics to make inner socks.

Cotton fabric

100% cotton fabric is not normally used to make socks for outdoor activities. Cotton absorbs sweat and does not dry easily. Once the fabric is wet, it has no temperature insulation and is uncomfortable, leading to blisters on the feet. But because dry cotton has a very comfortable touch, it can be used with a combination of wool or insulating fiber cloth for lightweight outdoor activities in the summer.

Girl's socks matching skills

Choosing the right socks for the right occasion is very important.

1. The matching color principle with socks is that the color of socks should look up and the color of shoes should look down. The color of socks should be slightly lighter or equal to the color of shoes.

2. You can also choose colors that echo your clothes. To maintain the visual balance of the overall look, you can choose socks that match any color on your body, so you don't have to worry about being top-heavy anymore.

3.Do not easily wear color saturation too high socks, such as red, fluorescent green, peach red, bright blue, lemon yellow more difficult to match, carefully selected, really want to choose the word and clothes color echo.

4.Make sure one of the tops and shoes in neutral colors like black, brown, and gray, and the overall color is dark. In this case, you can have a pair of colored pantyhose or socks.

5.When in doubt about which socks to wear with shoes, opt for the bold style. You can't go wrong with anything that goes wrong with shoes.

6.White, black must-have, single ordinary style can wear a mix and match effect. With a layer of socks method, it is easy to show short legs from the line of sight, the shape of the legs do not have confidence in people do not easily try.

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