A Little Knowledge About Baby Socks

Many expectant mothers include baby socks in their bags, and even in the summer, baby socks seem to be an integral part of their bags. Many mothers wondered if baby socks were that important. Important enough to put on your baby on such a hot summer day? Doesn't the baby feel hot? Mothers no longer doubt, today we popularize the little knowledge of baby socks, solve your age-old mystery, to see the mothers put on the baby carefully selected baby socks is foolishly or to give the baby the most perfect protection.

The necessity of wearing socks for the baby

The baby is in the period of continuous growth and development, the development of various organs and systems is not mature, so is the function of temperature regulation, heat generation ability is small, heat loss ability is big, peripheral blood circulation is not good, if the child put on socks, can from a certain degree of soil to keep warm, to avoid catching a cold.

In addition, as infants grow older, their range of motion increases, especially in the lower extremities, and they have more opportunities to step on the ground, thus increasing the chances of skin and toes injury, which can be reduced by wearing socks.

On the other hand, the range of activity is big, the infant skin is in contact with the outside environment much, a few dirty things, for example, dust, line the first harmful material such as the bacterium that contains, can pass the baby delicate skin to invade an infant, increase infection opportunity, put on the sock to have the effect that maintains cleanness to the skin wholesome. So there are many benefits to wearing socks.

Baby sock size

Baby socks are a kind of clothing item worn on the feet of babies. They play a role in protecting the feet and keeping them warm. It is very important for mothers to fit the feet and sizes when buying baby socks. Buying on the Internet is a good idea to check your baby when baby socks feet size, because the sole actual length is the most reliable, sole actual length of plus or minus one cm range are absolutely safe, such as baby foot 10 cm long, choose tile 9-11 cm socks is no problem if special fat will be appropriately increased size. Therefore, mothers should pay special attention to the size of the baby's socks to ensure the healthy growth of the baby's feet.

Brand of Baby socks

Baby socks can give babies a good insulation effect; Can keep feet clean, avoid mosquitoes, dust, bacteria, and other substances. Sometimes the baby's feet are always moving, easy to bruise, wearing socks can protect the feet from injury. It's important to buy a good pair of socks! Here are a few baby sock brands for moms to choose from.

  1. Disney children's socks: Cotton socks are soft and breathable, delicate and soft, flexible, lovely cartoon printing, loose design, no strangling, washable and wear-resistant, and not easy to pilling and deformation;
  2. Tong Tai baby socks: good cotton quality and soft, fine workmanship, good elasticity, wireless head inside, comfortable and lovely;
  3. Beibeiyi baby socks: besides cotton, there are also spandex, nylon, etc., the products are comfortable and breathable, soft and skin-friendly;
  4. Nissen socks: 80% cotton and 20% spandex, warm and windproof, soft and comfortable, washable;
  5. Gap baby socks: high-grade cotton thread, fine workmanship, wear resistance, anti-heel drop, no fading, breathable, good sweat absorption, deodorant, and anti-bacteria;
  6. Millet children's socks: there are three kinds of cloth: cotton, polyester, and spandex, with soft texture, large elasticity, good air permeability, moderate tightness of the sock mouth, and will not hurt the baby;
  7. Desa children's socks: high-quality soft combed cotton, socks with good shrinkage, loose and comfortable;
  8. Adidas children's socks: soft knitted fabric, safe and environmentally friendly dye.

Of course, if you don't think these brands of baby socks for your baby, you can choose custom baby socks, so that you can choose the material of environmental protection and comfortable to make the baby socks, and make your baby more healthy growth, here I recommend a professional custom socks factory - Yinuo knitting co., LTD., with a lot of good yarn suppliers have close cooperation, So if they customize baby socks for you, you have a wide range of yarn options, their product also got a lot of consumer acceptance and love, choose them, you won't regret it!