A few things you need to know about baby socks

As we all know, wearing socks for babies has many benefits, such as anti-slip, preventing falls or bumps, keeping them warm, preventing them from catching cold and so on. Nowadays, custom baby socks are also popular.

So what is the best material for baby socks?

Baby's skin is delicate, because this baby socks usually made of pure cotton fabrics, The color that is harmless to human body more. Socks will be thicker. You will feel soft and comfortable when you touching it. This should distinguish with those chemical fiber material baby socks.

Many mothers will have some misunderstandings when wearing baby socks to the baby, afraid of the baby wearing socks love sweat, not enough breathable, in fact, the choice of good quality baby socks will not produce breathable this problem. What is the best material for baby socks? In the choice of baby socks, some mothers think that thin nylon socks are more breathable, but they are not. Nylon socks look very thin, but they are not breathable enough.

In spring, summer, and autumn, baby's socks should be made of cotton. Cotton socks are soft, comfortable, and sweat absorbent, so cotton socks are best. The cuff should as far as possible and a few wider, cannot tight, which do not affect the baby's blood circulation. Please remember to buy cotton socks for your baby.

In winter, choose wool socks/cashmere socks for your baby: winter is cold, so your baby should wear socks in winter, preferably socks rich in wool, which will keep you warm.But should not give the baby to wear acrylic high elastic tights, easy to stimulate the baby's skin, this kind of socks is not breathable and will be very tight.

Cotton socks are ideal for babies before they learn to walk. When learning to walk, cotton sports socks and fuzzy socks are more suitable for babies in cold weather or cold areas. They can keep them warm.

Breathable and sweat absorption: socks breathability and sweat absorption are very important, to promote the skin breathing, anti - odor, moistureproof, anti mildew breeding role.

Silk socks with good air permeability, cotton socks with good sweat absorption, baby socks with optional cotton and silk blended, both breathable and sweat absorption

Colorful socks can sometimes appear because the baby's feet sweat and color patches fade. Therefore, for the custom baby socks, as far as possible to choose those simple and monochromatic design. And you need to choose reliable suppliers to order baby socks, because the yarns and paints they use are safe.

Matters needing attention:

1, After received the custom baby socks not in a hurry to put on the baby, should first put the socks in reverse, the inside of the thread cut off, to prevent the thread entangle baby's toes, causing ischaemia or even necrosis.

2, socks should be selected a little bit larger, not too tight, to leave some space for the growth of baby's feet.Have a mother to prevent the baby pedal and make socks fall off, deliberately choose socks tight waist or additional elastic band, set on the ankle, so can affect the blood circulation, do not advocate such a practice.

3, when customizing baby socks, it is best not to have too many patterns in the socks, such socks will be less thread.

4,Baby socks are best washed separately, not mixed with adult socks. Because this is easy to produce bacteria, adults often out walking socks corresponding to the sweat will be a little serious. The best way to wash baby socks is by hand, not in the washing machine. This can avoid pilling baby's discomfort.Finally, when washing socks, apply water several times, so as to clean a little bit, reduce the residual detergent or detergent foam, to ensure the baby's skin health.

Misunderstand about the baby socks:

1, Babies who can't walk do not need to wear socks. This is incorrect. Baby did not wear socks, the feet are easy to catch cold, also easy to because the little feet disorderly unrest, make the little feet were damaged. Wearing socks can help reduce damage and prevent mosquito bites.

2, In summer, baby does not need to wear socks. This is incorrect. In hot summer, we need to turn on the air conditioner to cool the room. The baby likes to walk barefoot on the floor, do not wear socks easy to catch cold. In addition, let the baby bare feet, if the protection is not appropriate, also easy to make baby foot injury.