8 Different Types of Socks. Have You Worn Them?

Before you put on your socks, did you ever wonder what was in them? The length, material, and type of socks are all different. If you don't choose your socks the right way, a lot of bad things can happen, such as calluses, cracked feet, and smelly feet! If you don't want to be shunned at your friend's house, learn the types of socks you wear!

1. Short dress socks

If you wear low-top shoes, such as loafers, loafers or just to protect your feet, opt for short socks as shown. Perfect for sports, running, fitness, and other informal low-top shoes, suitable for all casual occasions.

2.Short sports socks

Exercise socks are slightly above the ankle and cover the lower leg. It will protect the top of your foot and heel and prevent the top of your heel from getting blisters from the shoe. Perfect with informal shoes, mainly used for men's informal occasions, sports, fitness wear. Women can wear running shoes with them.

3.Crew socks

Crew socks are used in winter and outdoor sports such as hiking, running, etc. These are about six to eight inches long, so depending on the length of your leg, they can cover your calf muscles. Suitable for informal occasions, outdoor sports, or winter wear.

4. Mid-calf socks

Mid-calf socks cover the calf muscles and are usually made of cotton thread or wool to keep the winter warm and absorb sweat and odor. For women, mesh fabrics can be used.

5.Knee-high socks

The Knee-high socks cover your calf muscles, slightly below your Knee. Usually, athletes and athletes wear these socks for their protection. Perfect with running shoes and sneakers, fitness workouts, and high-intensity outdoor workouts.

6.Knee stockings

Knee stockings are usually worn with boots in winter for women to keep them warm. It can also be used as part of the uniform and is widely used in aviation and catering hotels.

7. Stockings

They are above the knee and work well with skirts. They can also be derived from women's stockings, which also fall into this category.

8. Boat socks

Boat socks, a very popular sock, were originally worn by ballerinas. This sock is perfect for summer. In addition to protecting your feet from shoe wear, it also exposes a large area of the instep to keep your feet cool.

Why choose custom socks?

Customized socks can perfectly meet your different requirements. You can choose the color of the pattern, matching clothing, shoes, bags, and other accessories. Solve the problem of consumer collocation. We produce socks of different styles, different colors, and different materials according to the design drafts provided by customers. Such wonderful custom socks, with your dress more harmonious, more can match the perfect effect, more can achieve a variety of themes and elements. Designers can also be creative, design a mathematical formula, ancient poetry, chemical formula patterns, different designs that can clearly reflect different themes. Just let your creativity and imagination run wild. Custom socks, on the other hand, are also a souvenir.

Types of custom socks

Custom socks support your individual design and will be more unique than regular socks. You can order according to your own preferences and needs.
According to technology differences, custom socks usually divided into two major categories:
1.Custom Dress Socks (Suitable for both business and casual wear)
2.Custom Athletic Socks (Suitable for doing different kinds of sports)

According to the gender can be divided into

1.Custom men’s socks,
2.Custom women’s socks
3.Custom children's/baby socks;

Custom socks with the colors you can choose

We have 1000+ available cotton and +1000 nylon yarn in stock to match Pantone colors. For customization, please provide the Pantone color that you want.

Do you know how to customized socks online?

3 easy steps of how to custom socks online:
1.Select a sock. Search the socks on the YINUO socks home page to choose your socks kinds. size and color preference.
2.Design your sock:Email us your artwork or photo to create your socks. Design formats: PDF/AI/JPG/PNG/PSD/BMP etc format all support.
3.Place your order:We'll start making the socks for you and ship them to you within one month.