5 Essential Socks for Hipsters

In terms of all the items worn on the body, socks seem to be the most neglected link. Many people always wear invisible socks and short socks, but in fact "long-socks" are also a must-have item for wearing, which can keep out the cold in winter and increase the sense of layering in summer!

And if you observe the wearing of fashionable people, you will find that "long-socks" is an important key. Exposing the ankle sometimes destroys proportion and beauty!

White long-socks

White long-socks can be said to be the easiest style to get started, and it is really not enough to have only one pair, because the versatility of white long-socks is definitely wider than you think, and it is not a problem to wear them every day! No matter what color shoes can match with each other, and if white shoes with white long-socks also have an advantage, it can extend your height ratio. In fact, as long as the same color match will have the same effect. If you are worried that your color matching will be very strange, choose white long-socks.

Brand socks

Brand socks should also be the love of many people. On the one hand, it can show support for the brand, on the other hand, it can also make a little more change in the simple plain socks. Fila, Champion, Vans, Adererror, Nike, etc. are brand socks that many people love to use, and if you can’t afford the brand’s expensive items, it is also possible to buy a few pairs of socks to solve the greed.

Plain socks

In addition to black and white, plain socks of various colors are also a very good match. In addition to using the same color to wear, the color jump method can often create a focus on wearing. You can choose white socks conservatively, but you can also choose bright colors if you want to be bold! The pink department is not only for girls but for boys, there is really an indescribable charm! If you are worried about bad control, you can start with light colors and avoid fluorescent colors!

Striped socks

Striped socks are also very basic because it is simple and has a little detail. Different background colors and different thick and thin stripes will make the overall more abundant. The easiest way to wear socks is to choose colors that correspond to the individual items on the body. For example, wear red sweaters and paired with red socks, the words on the socks and T-shirt correspond to the shoes. However, it should be noted that if you are wearing trousers, it is recommended to take into account the color of the trousers first. If you are wearing shorts, you can give priority to the color of the shoes and socks.

Color socks

Although this kind of socks is more difficult to control, it is very stylish to match. Remember not to choose too complicated pants and shoes, otherwise, it will blur the focus of the socks, and it will cause the whole body to look too unfocused. If all the basic items are in the wardrobe, you can use small accessories such as color socks to change the overall style. For example, office workers often have to wear suits to make the whole body look a bit tedious. At this time, you may wish to use bright and lively socks to add your own personal style! The long-socks are pretty good with Oxford or Derby shoes.