3 Matching Skills for Socks

Today's fashion is not just about matching clothes, but the choice of details is becoming more and more important. So socks of various colors and styles are popular and become important props to show fashion attitude. Matching suitable socks and beautiful shoes can add color to your overall look, but choosing the wrong socks can also reduce points for your look.

The same color of shoes and socks is not easy to make mistakes

This is the easiest and least error-free way of matching, and it is also the way we usually use more. Usually, we also wear pants of the same color to make the lower body blend together and also make the legs look thinner and longer. The combination of black flat shoes and socks is suitable for everyone, and it is also more harmonious in the winter style. If your shoes are not solid colors, you need to choose a larger area of color blocks on the shoes to match the socks, which is also fashionable.

Love embroidered mid-tube socks

The classic vertical striped socks are made of soft cotton material with a compliant heel, which makes them comfortable to wear without hindrance; embellished with love embroidery, exquisite and unique, highlighting the sweet and lovely temperament. A variety of colors can be selected, black is versatile, brown wine red is very textured, pink is full of girlish flavor, and each one is very durable.

Gray and wine red match well

Black is too plain and white is not a good match, then you need gray or wine red socks to save you. The color is brighter, but not too dazzling, and it matches well with the shoes. Winter shoes are more brown and black. Brown shoes and wine red socks can show the retro atmosphere very well. Black shoes and wine red can also get rid of the dullness. Gray socks are also very versatile.

Simple bubble socks

The solid-color sock body is matched with the contrasting horizontal bar, which is simple and full of design. With sports shoes, it is full of fashion and vitality. With small leather shoes, it turns into a Japanese cute girl. 100% cotton material, good breathability,  toe, and heels are very compliant and comfortable. A variety of colors can be selected, the wine red and light blue are recommended, the color matching is very high-end.

Japanese long socks

Japanese mid-tube socks, solid color sock body, and contrast stripes stitching, change the dullness, full of sporty vitality. Soft overall texture, good breathability. Multiple ways to wear a pair of socks, which can be worn to the calf to add protection to the calf. It can also be worn as bubble socks with different shapes.

Make socks a full-body highlight

Socks can not only serve as a supporting role but also become a fashionable highlight of your whole body. You can choose solid-colored bright socks, pay attention to the color to be pure, and the matching shoes should not be too fancy, it is best to use black or gray shoes, other colors on the body should be as simple as possible to make the socks the focus. You can also choose striped or polka dot patterns to make the overall shape more lively.

Cotton black socks

The cotton socks are soft and comfortable, and they also have a certain warmth function. They can be easily matched when worn in winter. The sock tube is a middle tube sock, which can not only warm the ankles but also can be worn with small black leather shoes. It looks thin and long legs, it can also be worn as bubble socks for any matching style.

Lace cotton socks

A must-have lace socks for cute girls, classic vertical striped twist weave, exquisite toe, and heel stitching, comfortable fit; 100% cotton texture, soft and skin-friendly, not stuffy and sweaty, and can stay dry for a long time; delicate lace cuff, using high-quality lace, the stitching is neatly routed, highlighting the sense of quality.

Fashion is sometimes not easy to imitate, but as long as you master the skills and try more, I believe you can become a master of collocation.

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