10 Kinds of Socks Wear Tips

Although socks are an element that is often overlooked in outfits, wearing the right socks can add the finishing touch to our outfits. This article introduces 10 kinds of socks to wear tips, come and learn.

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Black and white socks have always been a must-have color. In order to make the whole look harmonious and unified in winter, it is usually a combination of white socks + white shoes, black socks + black shoes. This is how many girls do this. The lower body is matching the same color. It looks thinner and keeps warmer than you directly expose your ankle.


In the same color, your socks can be the same color as the shoes, or the same color as the pants, so that the whole look can also look uniform. With a pair of dark gray socks with gray plaid nine-point pants, the two are integrated, the elastic contrast at the trousers and the effect of elongated legs.


Crab-flavored small beans use the principle of the same color system to take an intermediate color between the colors of shoes and pants so that the whole is unified while also enriching the sense of layering. It quietly reveals your carefulness in dressing, which is enough to prove that the socks scene in this season is really full.


The nearby color matching such as socks and shoes or pants is just one of the same color matching methods. The color echoes with another sense of space: the coat and the socks are the same color, that is to say, your socks can be worn with a warm and harmonious fashion sense as long as the color of your socks is the same as any item on your body.


Going to the advanced level, use a pair of "floral socks" that gather all the colors of your body to emphasize the whole look and atmosphere, especially when these items are plain and relatively monotonous, use a pair of colorful socks to embellish, exquisite and full of fun.


The same color is harmonious, but different colors and a unified style can also be harmonious. The bright yellow and dark green that are both retro styles are placed in a set of Look, because it is only a small area of ​​embellishment, and echoes the style of retro checkered pants and berets, so that not only is there no sense of abruptness, but also a retro sports style and a sense of mashup.


You can also use bright color embellishments and brightening methods to make the whole Look full of life. Wearing a complete set of gray items to show a simple and advanced style of coldness. Avoiding being too dull in winter. Choosing bright-colored bags and socks to brighten up, which is full of vigor and calmness.


Wearing a beige sweater to show the sense of luxury in the winter, the black hat echoes the black bag, and the socks are the extended beige color-coffee color, which is unified with the whole body to avoid too strong contrast with white shoes. The tone looks warmer and more textured.


When you encounter single products such as short skirts or shorts in winter, you need to try socks and socks to keep warm and fashionable. A layer of socks is stacked on top of the leggings to form a layer of color at the ankle, which is thinner than if you wear a layer of tights directly, and is most suitable for girls with developed calf muscles.


With socks, summer shoes are no longer exclusive to summer. The favorite of fashionistas this year should be the combination of socks and high-heeled sandals. That's why the invention of socks and boots. The combination of royal blue and golden Mary Jane is full of chic girls.